WF is a product sourcing directory, search engine and database that helps online traders, entrepreneurs and traditional retailers connect with verified wholesalers, drop shippers and manufacturers around Australia — in order to source most competitive prices on a wide range of products.

In a nutshell...

The Buyer

This is the person that's looking to sell products. It could be an retail store, online store, eBay store, or YOU.

Buyers interest is to buy hot-selling products at VERY low prices. Prices you'll never see in any public store across the nation.

For example, if you walk into any electronic store and see a new mobile phone sold for $700 — it's in your best-interest to find that SAME mobile phone for at least $100-$400 cheaper. Why? Because if you sold it yourself for $700 — you'd pocket an instant $100-$300 profit.

The Seller

This is the wholesaler, manufacturer or dropshipper. They provide products to "The Buyer" at very low prices.

Then the Buyer puts a high markup on those products (increase price by at least $100+). And when someone buys — the buyer makes a big profit.