Short answer is: We've been on eBay since 2004. Dealt with over 50,000 customers selling every known imaginable item. From CD's to diamond pendants.

So of course we are using some of the included suppliers right now, to sell and make a living on eBay.

And the fact remains: eBay is so damn huge in terms of it's endless supply of new/returning customers, that we won't be able to satisfy even 1% of it's product demand in 4 lifetimes!

So then what do you do? You're naturally compelled to share your sources, because it's no longer a matter of creating competitors for yourself. Because like I said, even if we worked 24/7 (with 8 hours of sleep and a normal social life with friends/family) — we still can't possibly cover even 1% of the demand for a similar range of products, let alone an entirely different set of products.