Wholesale Finder has categorized suppliers into 5 categories:

  1. Wholesaler: The more you order, the lower is your price per unit (which is in your best-interest because it gives you higher profit per sale). You can stock your items at your house or at storage facility like Kennards Storage in your suburb.

  2. Dropshipper: These suppliers give you access to their "wholesale online store". From here, you can order their products and ship to your customers address. NOTE: Dropshippers are not as profitable as ordering from wholesalers. Because they're actually type of a "middlemen". But they're recommended if you're starting out, because you don't have to stock items and can order 1 unit.

  3. W & D: Wholesaler and Dropshipper.

  4. Cheap/Discount: These also include closeouts. In addition they sell popular products at extremely low prices. They're like "semi-wholesalers". So they're still worthy to look into.

  5. Manufacturer: These are factories where actual product is produced. Ordering from them will get you the absolute lowest price per unit. Even lower than from Wholesalers. So you'll profit the MOST.

    Only drawback is: they usually only allow min of 10-100 quantity per product. And will ONLY ship to established retail stores. You have 2 options to overcome this:
  1. Research your products demand. Make sure it's guaranteed to sell 10-100 units. Then order and stock them at storage facility like Kennards Storage in your suburb.

  2. Go directly to one of their retail store distributors and order smaller quantities at wholesale price. Profit margins won't be as high, but it's safer for you. Later when you've got stable income flowing, you can order from manufacturer.