eBay is one of the most competitive markets the world has ever known and sometimes you will find items selling only just above the advertised wholesale price on WF! This is because eBay has become a wholesaler's marketplace for lots of items, meaning they sell at or even below the wholesale price.

So how do WF members make money?

First of all, remember that the fewer quantity of a product you purchase, the more expensive each unit will be. If you are buying in bulk you will get further discounts. The larger the quantity you buy at one time, the greater the discount.

Secondly: Some items, particularly electronics, are so competitive that the profit margins are very small. To compete in this area you may need to purchase in very large bulk quantities. For this reason we often suggest new sellers and sellers on a limited budget focus on a niche market. Niche products have much higher profit margins and are a better way to get started for new sellers. Do this at least until you're making comfortable and secure income so you can start risking into more competitive niches.