Australia’s Craft Wholesalers & Manufacturer Suppliers

I work at the local community center, where I run an arts and crafts activity class after school. If it were not for craft supply wholesalers, we would not be able to afford it. You see, the community center is in a pretty low income area, and the kids all come from families without a lot of money. By buying from craft supplies wholesalers, we are able to really cut the cost of holding the class. Stuff that would cost a lot of money at a craft supply store can be had for next to nothing if you are willing […]

Where Retailers Get Their Electronics Wholesale Product Suppliers?

Looking at all of the wholesale electronics suppliers Melbourne CBD, Australia, I often used to wonder how they could do it. How many wholesale dealers could there be at once? Although their individual products varied, they basically all dealt in the same trade and their stores looked the same. They would sell cameras, DVD players, audio equipment, computers, and various other wholesale supplies. Everything about the operation seemed sketchy. Although the products were marked down, you had the distinct feeling that you couldn’t really trust what was being sold to you. Nonetheless, I always sort of wanted to do what […]

Online Places Where You Can Sell Your Wholesale Products at Retail Prices

Ok, you’ve found a product at wholesale price. You’ve done your research. And you know it’s high-in-demand product. And you’re ready to sell it at average retail price. But question remains — where do find the buyers? In this case, either use your own methods, or ones we’ve listed below. Of course, common sense says, start with the best and biggest: eBay * * * […]

Wholesale Scammers Are Saturating the Internet – and You’re Their NEXT Target!

Yes, this is indeed a fact, on the Internet there are thousands whose sole job is to sell you a bum deal. Every hour of every day there is a poor hard working person looking to make their family’s future better by starting their own E-commerce Business. And everyday they get taken to the cleaners by people who are in the business of getting something for nothing. People just like you are getting ripped off on a daily basis. They work hard, scrimp to save enough money to start their own E-commerce business only to get ripped off time after […]

Hot Trends to Sell on eBay In 2011

In this article we will explore what experienced eBay sellers are saying about potential hot profitable trends for 2011, and carrying on into 2012… Social Trend: More People Staying in College Longer As unemployment rates remain consistently high, many young people are choosing to stay in college longer in order to be more educated when they do leave and compete for a job. Here are a couple of items which might see a spike in sales due to this new trend: Costumes for dress up parties. No matter how much financial hardship college students seem to face, they always seem […]

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