How to Verify a Wholesale Supplier to be Legitimate and Honest

It’s always exciting to find a new supplier for a product that you’re interested in selling. It’s particularly thrilling when it looks like you’re going to be able to lower your cost of product or add some value to your product line with your new supplier. Before you get lost in the novelty of something new, be sure to do your homework and verify that your supplier is authentic, reliable and here to stay. Too frequently, suppliers that you find through Internet searches are either scammers, out to take your money without a thought to providing product or are novices, […]

How To Maximize Your Wholesale Store Visitors Value

How to Maximize your Wholesale Store Visitors Value… I wanted to talk about maximizing the impact that your wholesale store or web site has when a visitor first arrives at your web site. This is a critical e-commerce and selling fundamental and unfortunately, a lot of new Internet entrepreneurs ignore it – at the cost of sales, and ultimately dollars. First, let me set the stage… E-commerce store owners, web entrepreneurs, in fact ANYONE who wants to create income online knows the first fundamental – — You must have a visitor come to your site — Well, the Internet is […]

Wholesale Business Time Management & Why It’s Important

I know when you are just starting out, this might not seem like a big deal.  But you didn’t think that you were going to open just one E-Commerce Store, did you? When you’re at a point where you have multiple E-Commerce Storefronts, you are going to need to maximize your time savings.  Sure, filling one order a day is not too bad…but what about 20?  And what if they are not from the same drop shipper. Selling sets is one way to maximize your time! You need to start planning how you can save time running your E-Commerce Store […]

Dealing with Australian Product Manufacturers

Dealing with a Product Manufacturer is very similar to dealing with a Wholesaler. When you buy from a Manufacturer, you’re buying from the same company that actually hammers, glues, welds, paints and puts the product together. You’re buying right from the source, and it can have a whole ton of advantages, if you’re willing to pay the piper. First of all, there is a big chance that the manufacturer is going to only allow you to buy in bulk, large quantities, or have a minimum order. Remember, the company that makes the goods builds their business around design and product […]

How to Find Australian Jewellery Wholesalers

If you are in the jewellery business or thinking about getting into the jewellery business, you need to find jewellery wholesale sources. Finding these sources isn’t as difficult as you might think – they are everywhere, and if you have access to the Internet, you literally have the world of jewellery wholesale at your fingertips. There are many wholesale company directories available online, but you really don’t have to purchase these to find the jewellery wholesale companies. Instead, use the search engine and type ‘jewellery wholesale companies’ or ‘jewellery wholesale suppliers’ into the search box. This is the easiest, and […]

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