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eBay Selling tips that can make a difference

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Stuff that is being bought and sold online these days mostly comes from eBay, this trading had attracted a lot of people that would like to sell their items for a good price. They come and go like hot pancakes, just juice up the deal by making them stand out. You can always make a difference by making honest deals and build up your reputation. Here are some free eBay selling tips that might help you sell those old figurines in the attic.

Write a simple description and do not clutter your auction with unneeded items like animated Gifs, and colored backgrounds. Remember, you are selling not entertaining.

If you are selling items such as DVDs, software and designer labels, make it clear that your items are genuine and not pirate copies or fakes. Letting them know what you sell for real makes them understand your product better, hence, having little trouble when the day ends. You might end up having a bad reputation if you are selling bootleg copies when you stated they are genuine.

Charge a flat rate for shipping, and mention the shipping costs prominently within your auction description. Let potential buyers know that you are prepared to ship overseas. This will greatly increase potential sales.

Check your spelling. Items won't sell if potential buyers can't find them because you've misspelled the item's name. Write a title that accurately describes your item. Use manufacturers name and model number within the title if applicable. Write a detailed description that allows prospective bidders to make a decision about purchasing the item. A basic tip is the description can never be too long as long as it is describing the item.

Host your own pictures. By hosting your own pictures, you will save money, and, more importantly, be able to use as many pictures as you need to adequately show eBay bidders your item. This is the simplest thing to do, and yet 70 percent of eBay sellers ignore this simple tip.

Pay the extra fee to include a picture of your product. Make sure that it is a good quality image, with no background distractions. Optimize your pictures for the web is the best way to tune out the loading times of your image. Many sellers use the highest resolution settings on their cameras and generate huge files that download very slowly. Computer monitors only show 72DPI, any extra detail is just a waste of the bidder's time.

List your item in the most appropriate category. Many buyers’ only search eBay by looking at listings within categories. If you are not in the right eBay category you will not be seen by lots of potential bidders and you item may end up selling for less than it's worth.

Systemize your eBay selling. Using a system to sell on eBay will lower the amount of time spent selling each item, and insure you don't forget any important activities.

Build your positive feedback. You can do this quickly by buying and selling several small value items. This will give potential buyers confidence in you.

Be honest. If your item is less than perfect, say so. This is more likely to generate a sale as potential buyers are more likely to trust you. Being honest should also help to protect your valuable positive feedback. I once made a tidy profit on some items that were originally free; I made it clear in the copy; the buyer was pleased and so was I.

Don't set a high starting price. This will cost you more, and could put off potential buyers. Your item will find its correct value if you have listed it properly, but it may not reach its value until the last few minutes of the auction. Be realistic about shipping costs. If you charge too little, you risk your profit. It is possible to make a small profit from shipping, but if you charge too much, you will put off possible buyers

Time your auction to end on a weekend, this is when most potential customers will be available to buy your items, and should increase the final price you get. Take advantage of eBay promotional offers; look out for special days when you can advertise your items at a reduced cost.

Now, time to get started, remember, you can only build your reputation by having good trades, having to let strangers trust you is really nonsense these days but on eBay, they make sure your points are given credit. Follow these tips and you’re on your way to making good money.

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