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Wouldnt you like to know the eBay secret to millions?

Secret Wholesale Suppliers 6-Figure Australian
eBay Powersellers Are Using...

NEWSFLASH: List exposes 134 wholesalers and manufacturers that 6-figure+ per/year Australian eBay Powerseller are using to pull in $1251.45 profit per day - straight into their bank accounts - by buying these products at wholesale price and selling them at retail price.

EG: You buy a brand new LG 24 Inch LCD Monitor for $115, and sell it on eBay.com.au for $249. That's $134 in your pocket, just from one product, one sale.

What's more, these suppliers also provide products for major retail stores like: Dick Smith, Target, KMart, Harvey Norman, JBHi-Fi, DealsDirect, etc...

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In January 2004, rumors has it that the top affiliate at eBay earned over a million dollars. Now supposing this is not supposition and he, by all likelihood did earned that $1 million? Aren't you just dying to know this top affiliate's eBay secrets?

It will indeed be a big deal if at least 75% of the people all over the world stop their daily routine of cursing in alarm clocks, commuting to work and boring themselves rotten on their underpaid jobs.Having a knowledge of eBay secrets that would generate extra income for at least half this percentage might surely turn the world around.

Do you think you can really make extra income by learning eBay secrets? Let me tell you, that as of now, over 25,000 people depend on their income from online auctions in eBay, Google, Yahoo and more. Meanwhile part timers would number at about 250,000! Just think, presently, a quarter of a million people make out their extra income through online auctions.

So, it's fairly a matter of decision really. Raise your hand if you'd like to join those who dare to unlock the eBay secrets and start their own the home-based business!

If you have already made your choice, give yourself a helping of several of the eBay secrets to sales success.

Products that are lying around your house or those that interest you aren't just for collectibles. Small business owners now have a solution for slow-moving and overstocked merchandise. Several small business owners have already discovered that they can turn up nice profits on auction Web Sites.

Now here's an ultimate eBay secret almost everyone is starting to be aware of recently. Try listing a few of your unwanted or excess inventory items on eBay - www.ebay.com. On eBay, many business owners have discovered that they can get full price, and sometimes fetch a higher price, by auctioning their wares.

Once you have registered in eBay as a seller, start learning the eBay secret on how to have a return on your time and investment.

Try these eBay secrets shared by experienced eBay sellers:

Write a descriptive title for your product Turn up with more noticeable and interesting descriptions for your product. Instead of Walk-in Cooler put in Excellent Walk-In Cooler. 2 Year-Old Compressor, 2-Year Warrantyis also much better than Used Compressor. Having good titles is an eBay secret which will draw bidders' attention. By having these catchy titles, chances are they will view additional details about your products.

Includjng lots of pictures to go along with your description It is a popular eBay secret that a picture is worth a thousand words on eBay. By having clear, candid and all-angle photos of your product, you can a vote of trust from potential buyers. Whether your item is in excellent condition or fair condition, the extra pictures give buyers confidence in placing bids.

You can pay for the Gallery option in eBay. This allows you to include a picture with the title of your item. Having a thumbnail photo with your listing is a great eBay secret to be aware of. Most people don't click an item listing that have no picture.

Determine shipping costs before selling Its not only an eBay secret, it is better to be particular about shipping arrangements and expenses before selling your item. Buyers are wary of sellers who don't include their shipping arrangements and costs outright. If you failed to estimate shipping costs beforehand chances are you will be burdened with unexpected expenses.

Pack boxes after the auction. Perhaps you may not have heard of this eBay secret before but buyers sometimes ask unexpected questions about your items. Thus, make sure you have satisfied your customers first so don't touch the packing tape until your auction is over.

Use a seven- to 10-day auction and end it on a Sunday Don't you know that people seem to like to buy on Sundays? So this could be a well-shared eBay secret.

Do you think you have enough of eBay secrets for now? Start applying them in your eBay selling venture, then!

EXPOSED! Wholesalers That Dick Smith, Harvey Norman, KMart, Target and 6-Figure p/year AUSTRALIAN eBay Powersellers Use To Make Massive Profits...

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