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Walk like an Egyptian, Think like an eBay Powerseller

Secret Wholesale Suppliers 6-Figure Australian
eBay Powersellers Are Using...

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EG: You buy a brand new LG 24 Inch LCD Monitor for $115, and sell it on eBay.com.au for $249. That's $134 in your pocket, just from one product, one sale.

What's more, these suppliers also provide products for major retail stores like: Dick Smith, Target, KMart, Harvey Norman, JBHi-Fi, DealsDirect, etc...

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Does that make sense to you? If you still don't know what an eBay PowerSeller is, though, its time you should.

eBay PowerSellers are sellers on eBay who have reached a certain level of sales performance and have maintained a high number of positive feedback. An eBay PowerSeller is recognisable by the little ‘PowerSeller' badge that's attached to their names.

It's probable that you've seen these people around, probably even dealt with them. They are the epitome of success in the eBay scene. They are even treated as celebrities.

eBay decides who should be bestowed the recognition of being an eBay PowerSeller and who can't. They have set up strict requirements on how to identify the coveted title of eBay PowerSeller.

In order to pass up into the minimum eBay PowerSeller level, an eBay seller must have a feedback rating of at least 100 (minimum 98% positive) and the quota of sales is at least $1,000 worth of items every month for three months in a row.

Different levels are defined on an eBay PowerSeller membership and as you sell items of greater value: $1,000 total is bronze $3,000 is silver $10,000 is gold $25,000 is platinum $125,000 is titanium.

Once you become an eBay Powerseller member, you need to maintain it. eBay PowerSellers are in danger of losing their much coveted status if they fail to meet the required amount of sales and positive feedback. To put it simply, the people who get to become eBay PowerSellers are people who have been constantly successful and have started in eBay quite awhile, and are very determined to stay that way.

It's possible for anyone of us to become an eBay PowerSeller. If you are determined enough to succeed on eBay, then you must start reforming your thinking, and think the way these eBay Powersellers do.

Know and understand how an eBay PowerSeller thinks about their shop and the marketplace.

This is the most important aspect in understanding how eBay PowerSellers think. First, they don't view what they're doing as some kind of random bazaar where anything goes.They don't even think of it as a hobby, where you get some fun out of earning some money. A trueblue eBay PowerSeller consider what they're doing as a business – and a serious, risk-taking, stakeholding business, at that.

Let's take for example running a stall in a marketplace. Once you put up a stall, the chances are that you have a general area of business, but mostly you just sell whatever product you can come up with that's worth selling or anything that happens to be available.Whatever the source and any product that are wholly available, you put up for sale. This may be quite fun for a while. If you strike lucky on a particular week, then you can declare that you really had a good week - sizeable profits and all. But this kind of haphazard selling is no way to run a real business for a long term basis.

Now, eBay PowerSeller do not do their business in this fashion. They think far more like shops. They specialize on a certain product and lock on to a target market. Every week, they sell the same things again and again. This means that they put up regular stock of the same product for regular customers. They keep tabs tightly on things that matter in the business, like doing ‘boring' things like keeping inventories and budgetledgers.

An eBay powerseller know specifically what they're going to be selling, exactly how much they buy it for and for how much they'll sell the items. Just like a real tangible shop that has ups and downs,an eBay PowerSeller holds on and keeps on improving but essentially never changes abruptly. Then finally, their income becomes stable and their business starts to grow, albeit slowly.

So, have you gotten the drift? In keeping up with how an eBay PowerSeller thinks, the best advice is this: don't opt for short-term gain with long-term risks.

In putting up a business, be serious and focused, look after your reputation, manage your selling properly and provide good customer service. Don't think ahead too soon for the times where you will reap rewards. Chances are, if you spend your time thinking up and doing ways that will help your business grow, your reward will just come to you in due course and out of the blue, too!

Then, finally you'll get a little badge next to your name that reads, eBay PowerSeller, which will make people trust you more!

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