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The top eBay sellers and their secrets

Secret Wholesale Suppliers 6-Figure Australian
eBay Powersellers Are Using...

NEWSFLASH: List exposes 134 wholesalers and manufacturers that 6-figure+ per/year Australian eBay Powerseller are using to pull in $1251.45 profit per day - straight into their bank accounts - by buying these products at wholesale price and selling them at retail price.

EG: You buy a brand new LG 24 Inch LCD Monitor for $115, and sell it on eBay.com.au for $249. That's $134 in your pocket, just from one product, one sale.

What's more, these suppliers also provide products for major retail stores like: Dick Smith, Target, KMart, Harvey Norman, JBHi-Fi, DealsDirect, etc...

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In eBay, the top sellers are:

1. IMS Electronics Recycling is one of San Diego`s largest electronics recyclers and e-waste processors. IMS Electronics is owned by IMS Recycling Services, Inc, a trusted recycler that has been in business since 1955.

2. Rock Bottom Golf is the top eBay discount golf retailer that offers a wide variety of name brand golf merchandise including Callaway, Mizuno, Adams, Wilson, Taylor Made, Nike and more.

3. SportsCloseouts.com specializes in selling name brand sporting goods at the best prices. You can find their products on eBay under the seller id `arizonaswede`.

4. Vertex Industries is a top seller of the highest quality auto parts and accessories including exhaust, air intake, turbo charger, brake, and fuel line piping materials.

5. Montana4me, a division of Chrosmack Ventures is a top eBay seller who provides the best deals in computer hardware selling products from major manufacturers such as IBM, Compaq and Gateway.

What is the secret behind eBay top seller's success?

Being a seller is a lot of responsibility. What more if you are a top seller? On eBay, no less.

Sometimes you might feel like you are not doing everything you should be. This simple checklist will help you keep on top of things.

Have you found out everything you possibly could about your items?

Try typing their names into a search engine. You might find out something you do not know yet. If someone else is selling the same thing as you, then always try to provide more information about it than they do.

Do you monitor the competition?

Always keep an eye on how many other items are the same as or similar to yours are selling, and what prices they are being offered at.

Have you got pictures of the items?

To be an eBay top seller, it is worth taking the time to photograph your items, especially if you have a digital camera.

If you get serious about eBay but do not have a camera, then you will probably want to invest in one at some point.

Are you emailing your sellers?

It is worth sending a brief email when transactions go through: something like a simple “Thank you for buying my item, please let me know when you have sent the payment”.

Follow this up with “Thanks for your payment; I have posted your - item name - today”. You will be surprised how many problems you will avoid just by communicating this way.

Also, are you checking your emails?

Remember that potential buyers can send you email about anything at any time, and not answering these emails will just make them go somewhere else instead of buying from you.

Do your item description pages have everything that buyers need to know?

If you are planning to offer international delivery, then it is good to make a list of the charges to different counties and display it on each auction.

If you have any special terms and conditions, then you should make sure these are displayed too. Have you been wrapping your items correctly?

Your wrapping should be professional for the best impression: use appropriately sized envelopes or parcels, wrap the item in bubble wrap to stop it from getting damaged, and print labels instead of hand-writing addresses. Oh, and always use first class post – don’t be cheap.

Do you follow up on your items?

It is worth sending out an email a few days after you post an item, saying “Is everything alright with your purchase? I hope you received it and it was as you expected.”

This might sound like giving the customer an opportunity to complain, but you should be trying to help your customers, not take their money and run.

Being an eBay top seller, more than anything else, is about providing genuinely good and honest customer service. After a sale is made, you should be after customer satisfaction. To see that you have made a satisfactory transaction.

That is the only foolproof way to protect your reputation.

This would be your thinking of those want to remain in eBay business and somehow make it to the top of the sellers list.

Follow the steps and be on your way to eBay’s top sellers category.

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