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Selling on Ebay After Holidays: Tips on How to One-Up the Competition After the Holidays

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EBay is the World online marketplace that enables trading on a local, national and international scope. It has a diverse and interesting community of individuals that conduct businesses. It also offers an online platform where millions of items are traded every moment.

The holidays have great effects on trading in eBay. During the holiday season, sales go up to an all time high because people are looking for deals to have to buy gifts for their friends and families. Now the predicament is how to sell after the holidays.

Obviously, the people have done their shopping already and not much are looking to buy more. This situation makes the sellers more creative and inventive on how to maintain and continue to drag costumers and traders on to their hands. This means a lot of work; this should be handled by a talented and experienced entrepreneur.

Consumer spending online reached $18.1 billion in November and December, a 25 percent increase over 2004, according to the research firm ComScore Networks. Nielsen/NetRatings, another research firm, said Web purchases totaled $30.1 billion in that period, an increase of 30 percent.

Unlike ComScore, Nielsen included the spending at online auction sites like eBay, accounting for its higher figure. Notably though, online auction sales jump after holidays, these are early signs that consumers are starting to buy into the idea that itís ok to resell what have been received but never really want.

With more people doing business and shopping online, the increase in sellers have jumped considerably, these results to more competition and lower sales numbers for some sellers. Since there are lots of items that can be sold after the holidays and fewer buyers, the race to get more sales becomes fiercer.

There are a ways on how to get more sales in the end of holidays like; buying something that is in demand then selling something that are not represented properly. This will work best if you have a creative mind about repackaging the items and on how it will be presented during the days after the holiday and also it should be more competitive than that of the other sellers, if it is in the right prize then just adjust the presentation of the items.

Another strategy is to buy antiques and collectables, it may cost a lot but it is still on market any time of the year. This antiques and collectable may be gotten in some bargains and some traders that are in a rush to sell their items. The reason behind this is that the seller is thinking that after holiday sales drops off. The hint here is to specialize in something and watch local market prices then sell the items when its cost are high (keep and earn tactic).

Some sellers are not focused on themselves in selling after the holidays, it maybe also be the right time in promoting and the beginning of encouraging buyers to be their costumers. You should start to offer the costumers reasons on why they should start shopping with you. This is where you get the bargain started.

You may offer some special gift packages of a collection of items and then give costumers discounts. Gifts can be offered by baskets or kits. You can just always feature it on the prominent spot of the home page of the newsletter. These will give an impression to the gift receivers that it will feel more like a gift than just a box full of products.

Itís better to always follow up with your customers after the holidays are over to make sure they have a good impression of having done business with you. Give good customer service, even if you are hard to find online, this will make it easy for the customers and it will keep them coming.

Some retailers also dangle a variety of promotions to strategize in selling on ebay after the holidays. This involves price slashes from 20 percent off in sales to tuck-in calls on holidays, reminding people to shop the next day. The most popular, it seemed, was free shipping, which was offered - with conditions - by 79 percent of online retailers.

Even if you donít get your target sales figures because of the discounts and promos that you have given after the holidays, you will get scores of loyal customers by focusing on their need and demands.

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