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Get Lucrative eBay Opportunities by Communicating with your Buyer

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One of the very basic eBay opportunities is being able to create sales. Creating sales involve you, as seller, the product you’re going to put up for sale, and your target buyer.

This is the holy trinity required to create eBay sales opportunities, thereby earn profits.

As an eBay seller, one of the things you may fail to recognize is the importance of communicating with your buyers. Actual person-to-person contact with your buyers is a business imperative to continue generating sales from existing buyers and making eBay sales opportunities to new and different groups of buyers.

Actual communication with your buyers and would-be buyers do not involve the use of some automated ‘suggestion’ or ‘FAQ’ system. This system is entirely for a different purpose, too. Person-to-person contact is a way of giving personal thanks to buyers who have trusted you, as seller. Once you personally contact your buyer, you can make them think you’re doing them a favor while you create a few extra sales.

Aside from establishing a more personal contact with your customers and getting other miscellaneous eBay sales opportunities, you might also gain a few more customers through your original buyer.

Think about it, you can gain a lot of eBay opportunities just by establishing a personal contact with your existing buyers.

What scenarios could bring you the ideal opportunity of establishing personal contact and make a ‘friendly’ extra sale? There could be lots of situations where you can start creating eBay sales opportunities through a friendly email or phone call.

“I can throw in….”

Let’s say you received an order for an item that will cost you a lot for shipping and needs some kind of equipment in order to be safely shipped. Here’s an e-mail pattern guaranteed to get you practical responses.

“I’m emailing you to ask if you’d be interested in getting a mouse or keyboard for the computer you are buying from. Please know that I can throw in any accessory that you may want along with the computer without any additional charge in the shipping expenses. But if you’re not interested, then don’t worry about it. I just thought I might help in any way.”

The “I could throw in…” part of the message is actually one of your eBay opportunities’ leads with the hope of creating an extra sale. Still, its main motive is subtly hidden due to the informal way the letter is written and the off-handed way of asking.

An unsuspecting customer would be highly flattered and thankful of your ‘suggestions’ and initiative to contact. In the eBay business, a grateful and trusting buyer brings about positive eBay opportunities. You gain assurance that he’ll become a constant customer and get other buyers he knows to buy from you.

Know Anyone Else?

Here's another eBay opportunity to gain customers. Send a thank you note to your buyer after your transaction has been completed. Then, simply say that if they're pleased with your product and services, then you'd really appreciate it if they could spread the word.

Once an eBay buyer feels that they got a good bargain along with receiving good customer service, you could be sure that they will go out and start writing down your eBay store's address on pieces of paper and distribute it among their friends.

If you notice a lot of orders coming from the same town, then you'll know that this eBay opportunities technique is working.

Any Problems?

Contact a buyer a few months after your transaction with him and ask how if the product is still working. It’s another chance to create an eBay sales opportunity if you find that they're having a problem you can fix. Aside from gaining eBay opportunities to make a sale, you also become a great help for them.

Anything to Sell?

One of numerous eBay opportunities to be aware of is finding sources for products to sell. If you've just sold your customer a brand new item, ask if they have an old one that they might like to trade. Often, customers are delighted with this offer since it guarantees them a much better bargain. Besides, they might just be thinking at that exact moment how to get rid of the old one they’re going to replace.

Communicating personally with your customer really helps in taking up basic eBay opportunities for your online business and takes it to further heights of success and profitability.

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