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Secret Wholesale Suppliers 6-Figure Australian
eBay Powersellers Are Using...

NEWSFLASH: List exposes 134 wholesalers and manufacturers that 6-figure+ per/year Australian eBay Powerseller are using to pull in $1251.45 profit per day - straight into their bank accounts - by buying these products at wholesale price and selling them at retail price.

EG: You buy a brand new LG 24 Inch LCD Monitor for $115, and sell it on eBay.com.au for $249. That's $134 in your pocket, just from one product, one sale.

What's more, these suppliers also provide products for major retail stores like: Dick Smith, Target, KMart, Harvey Norman, JBHi-Fi, DealsDirect, etc...

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What's good for the goose isn't good for the gander--on eBay, that is. The strategies, tools, resources and techniques employed by experienced eBay sellers vary significantly depending on the items being sold. Sure, there are some basic techniques that eBay sellers in all categories should follow, such as optimizing listing titles and writing informative item descriptions complete with lots of pictures.

But in a marketplace with tens of millions of different items, clearly you can't treat them all the same. Even when you divide items into broad categories with similar characteristics, experienced sellers know that each listing requires its own special touches.

Selling items on eBay help you show the right product to your buyers at the right time. Seasoned sellers use different techniques to sell items with low and high average selling prices (ASPs), items that sell in bulk, big items, and collectibles and in a special category, automobiles. Low average selling price doesn't mean low opportunity. Given the low price point and impulse may increase the velocity of your sales and provide a better buyer experience. When you're selling high-priced items, it's essential to know the key objective metrics by which buyers will evaluate your items. In addition to knowing metrics, high-ASP-item buyers may need objective proof that your description of an item is accurate.

It is also good to know the rules for sellers that help ensure the transactions which are safe and hassle-free. Every seller must know the listing policy, tax policy and guidelines for international selling. Familiarize yourself with eBay's listing policies before posting an item. You'll have a safe and fun selling experience knowing that your listing complies with community standards and guidelines. Listings that violate eBay's policies may result in disciplinary action. This action may include a formal warning, the ending of all violating listings, or even temporary or indefinite suspension of a user's account. EBay will consider the circumstances of an alleged offense and the user's trading records before taking action. In most cases, eBay will credit all associated fees when a listing is ended. As a condition of using the eBay Web site, sellers agree to comply with all applicable domestic and international laws, statutes, ordinances and regulations regarding the use of eBay’s service, their own listings, their solicitation of offers to purchase, the sale of their items.

Before listing an item on eBay, it's a good idea to research similar items that have already been sold successfully on the site. You can find great information on pricing, features, and key buzz words that attract buyers--and compare your item to others in the marketplace.

Getting that first bid is critical, as other buyers are generally more likely to jump in if they see there are already bids on an item. To do this, many sellers prefer to set an opening bid below what the item is actually worth. This can jumpstart bidding activity, and ultimately produce a higher selling price.

If not used properly, a reserve price on your item can often result in the same problems as an excessively high opening bid. Buyers will often lose interest in an item if they place a bid and find it doesn't meet the reserve. Because they do not know the reserve price, they may assume the seller is simply asking too much for the item. They may then move on to similar items that they feel they have a more realistic chance of winning.

To prevent this from happening, you may want to list your item with No Reserve. Items sold with No Reserve typically attract more buyer interest, as buyers know that they will actually win the item if they are the high bidder. In addition, statistics show that items listed without a reserve usually sell for more than comparable items listed with a reserve.

When a user bids on or wins one of your items, you can increase your sales by cross-promoting, similar items, complementary or related items that complete set, accessory items that go with the item your buyer just purchased.

Many buyers enjoy the thrill and excitement of auction-style listings. Others like the immediate gratification of Buy It Now. When you use just one format, you only reach a subset of eBay's total buying population! Plus, some formats perform better than others, depending on how they are used.

Sellers are also responsible for paying all fees associated with using eBay’s service and Web site, and all applicable taxes associated with the use of eBay’s service and Web site.

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