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The Truth, THE WHOLE TRUTH, and Nothing But the Truth ABOUT The Wholesale and Dropshipping Business on the Internet

truth about wholesale businessBuying and selling wholesale goods is frequently viewed as a sort of ‘get rich quick’ scheme, where sellers can make enormous profits from very little investment or work.

Three months after they started, people just don’t understand why things haven’t gone according to plan!

It's because 98% of people don't understand or know the simplest, yet pivotal truths about the entire wholesale and dropshipping online business.

In this 36 page no-fluff, just facts guide... you'll get up to date with latest information that only the most experienced small to medium online business owners know and have figured out.

This is years of working with profitable wholesale and dropshpping suppliers, and even thousands of dollars lost to figure this out.

For example, you'll learn exactly how to approach a wholesale supplier, how to open an account, get approved, and what to say when talking to them. Or even where to find one that's real, established and genuine (certainly not on Google!).

You'll also see why without knowing the role of the manufacturer, wholesalers, retailer, dropshipper, middlemen — your internet business is destined for failure as you hardly make a profit, and wonder why! Know this, and you'll be head of the crowd and make it nearly impossible to fail.

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Selling online and on eBay australia
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Insider Secrets to Starting and Running a Profitable Online eBay Business
Don't Even Think About Trying to Sell on eBay or a Website Without FIRST Reading this A-Z Step-by-Step Comprehensive Guide That'll Show You How It's Done by Expert Sellers...

Learn about:

  • Foundation of a successful and consistently profitable online eBay/website business
  • Clever tactics to quickly find profitable products others are already making tons of money on
  • Setting up the right type of business (sole, LLC, Inc), company name, GST issues
  • Setting up website and domain name
  • Where to find reliable, trusty, honest and authentic product suppliers
  • How to verify if your product supplier is legit indeed and is willing to work with the "small guy"
  • Negotiation techniques to get a cheaper wholesale price from the product supplier

finding a profitable niche on ebay
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How to Find an Uncompetitive, Yet Highly Profitable Niche Market
5-Step Guide That Explains a Clever Action Plan the "Small Home Guy" can Use to Make Tons of Money by Exploiting Profits of Popular Products

Learn about:

  • Why focusing on small niche markets that are an extension of BIG niche markets is the most profitable, least effortless way to start and run a wildly profitable online business
  • How to figure out WHAT to sell, or ideas that'll show you sources of ideas on what to sell
  • How to determine if what you want to sell is in high demand and is guaranteed to be worth your time
  • How to determine if what you want to sell is guaranteed to generate profits as soon as you put it up for sale
  • How to see if competition will be a problem and if you even have a chance with your product
  • How to take all your research, and finally put it into a real life product listing that's up and ready for sale to the public

Incorporate Business in Australia
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The RIGHT and WRONG Way to Registering or Incorporating Your Business in Australia
How to Select the Right Form of Business, Choose a Name, Register Your Company and Get an ABN

Learn about:

  • Selecting the right form of business for your unique situation
  • Choosing a good, memorable name and check against trademarks
  • Registering your company the right way
  • Getting an ABN and when you should get it and it's consequences

importing goods into australia
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How to Import Goods into Australia
The Complete 5-Step Guide on Do's and Don'ts of Importing Goods from Overseas into Australia

Learn about:

  • Licenses, permits and testing/labeling requirements
  • Classification of goods and tariffs
  • Labeling and paperwork requirements for the export source.
  • Entry procedures
  • Importing through the mail

manufacturing your product
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How to Get Your Own Product Manufactured From Scratch and Patent It
5-Step Guide on How to Find a Manufacturer That'll Crate Your Product, How to Work with Them, How to Patent Your Product and How to Deal with Common Issues

Learn about:

  • Where to find the right, cheapest and most reliable manufacturer that's willing to work with you and create your product
  • Best strategies on working and dealing with manufacturers (who're busy and will easily blow you off if you don't word it in their best-profit-self-interest.)
  • A-Z process on patenting your product type, shape, size, name, etc...
  • Dealing with common issues you'd encounter when confronting a manufacturer

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