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  •  Used by eBay Powersellers, KMart, Dick Smith, Target, etc.
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  •  Can also add/edit your own suppliers. Also add notes,
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Whatever you're looking for (whether it's plumbing supplies, baby strollers, designer apparel, jewelry, computers, electronics, etc) — we're bound to have a premium supplier for it.
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It's an unfortunate fact that this industry has more then it's fair share of shady suppliers and rip-off merchants. Wholesale Finder has a supplier REPORTING feature and a user star-rating system. This ensures that all suppliers are real, honest and authentic. Furthermore, all included wholesale sources are personally verified either by phone or email by our staff.
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Looking at suppliers profile will give you an instant idea if you want to pursue them or not. You can also save them to your favorites for later retrieval or research. Or record important notes. You can also add your own supplier to your account.